Profile 1.0


♦ this is a shared account!
♦ we are sisters! But not twins! Please, we are of different ages…
♦ we'll use JY and JW to differentiate ourselves here, ask if you want to know our names!
♦ each of us have different subscriptions and friends!
♦ FYI, we don't roleplay, so don't bother advertising~
♦ we don't usually log out, so that "online" thingy is forever beside our username…
check out our fics!
Quotations – quotes, quotes and more quotes!
❝ F A N T A S I C A ❞ – trailer ● layout ● graphic
The Gathering – a layout gallery
One Way Out – our first horror story!
Hi~ You're my Crush! – sweet and cute!
Closer to Humans – the guy with a werewolf friend
layout coded mickeywithoutears
last updated on 09th august 2013
not available

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