The Gathering 1.0


since 11 dec 2013
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The Gathering   
this gallery is just a place where I'll gather all my layouts. Some layouts are randomly made by me, some were done as requests for others and the rest are layouts I once made for myself and my sister to use.
Gathering Rules
01. subscribe and comment if you are taking any of the layouts
02. do not remove the
03. please edit minimally
For Requesters
visit our shop FANTASICA to request for not only layouts, but also graphics and trailers!
however, I'm sorry that our requesters have to subscribe to both this gallery and the shop to request, because I need to have this gallery set to
subscribers only to prevent any non-subscribers from stealing my layouts. I sincerely hope you understand! Thank you for requesting!
Layout Types
Free: it's free, as long as you remain subscribed, comment before using and leave the credits untouched
Premium: layouts that cost some karma points. Comment if you want to use the layout, code will be sent by pm (please do not private your profile)
Requested: available for everyone too, but please do follow the rules as well
Exclusive: pm me and send 20 karma points and the layout will be yours and yours only. The code will not be provided for anyone else but you.
Past layouts: layouts that I used in my profile/shop or in this layout gallery, will be available after I use a new layout. Some will be free while others are not, depending on the layout.

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